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Learn How to setup your store and start selling your beautiful art collection.

Dear Vendor welcome to Fitoor.

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Read all point from the artist guidance FAQ's below
Make sure to go through all the details to correctly fill in the artist registration form.



To register as a vendor, go through our detailed text-based, and video guide to enter all the information correctly regarding Account creation and Product creation.



We also have a video guide translated in Urdu and English to make it easier for everyone and to reach out to all sorts of audience.
If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact our customer service representatives directly.



If provided with accurate details, your account will be approved within 3 business days and you can immediately start selling on Fitoor.


Your bank details and your address is the most important part of this process

Make sure to provide us with accurate information. Your pickups will be coordinated through the address you provided and your bank details are required to process payments ASAP.

After following all the steps, our journey together will take a beautiful start. While you’re focused on selling your art, we will be focused on logistics and marketing your masterpiece!

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Account Creation

Create your account easily by following the guide to enable your store.

Product Creation

Learn how to upload your products and its pictures.

Order Management

Lastly, manage your orders and transactions to complete orders.

Video Tutorial

Video Guide

Learn the process with the help of our video tutorial.
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Account Creation

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Product Creation & Managment

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Order Management

Most frequent questions and answers


Fitoor Pvt. Limited is a licensed company incorporated in Pakistan, created for the purpose of providing artists with a platform to sell their products both locally and internationally.

As an artist we allow you to keep your whole focus on your art, by providing you with a hassle free dashboard to monitor all your transactions, efficient marketing which widens your reach, end to end pickup and delivery of your products to customers, a personal dedicated mini store within Fitoor, and a dedicated sales team that will push your products through to corporate clients via B2B sales.

After you have registered, and your details are complete with a valid address and a working bank account or Easy-Paisa account, it should be approved within less than 3 business days. If it has still not been verified and approved, it means that some item of information is missing or incomplete for which you will be contacted by a member of our support team.

No! Fitoor charges no flat monthly fee as we here at Fitoor exist to facilitate the sale of art and create an environment that nurtures and grows the art marketplace. We only charge a minor commission upon successful sale of your product in order to cover marketing, logistics, operational costs and to widen the reach of this marketplace platform.

After the transaction is processed and the products are delivered the money received from the sale net of Fitoor’s commission will be transferred to your account within two weeks.

Yes, at Fitoor all our artists are provided with an agreement of terms which clearly highlights their rights and benefits and provides all the provisions for those rights to be protected including but not limited to ownership of your products and the money to be received upon their sale.